Kasia Hein-Peters, MD

Advisor and Board Member

I partner with life science and digital health startup companies to help them better understand their healthcare ecosystem and design successful commercialization strategies.

I joined the industry out of a passion for improving patient outcomes. I have first-hand experience in launching new classes of medications, which profoundly changed the standards of care: first SSRI antidepressant, first echinocandin antifungal, first cervical cancer vaccine, and first dengue vaccine. In addition, I launched several other medications, vaccines, and medical devices. Over the years, I saw how significant impact most of these innovations had on people’s lives and how deeply they changed how we practice medicine today.


My unique combination of skills & knowledge includes:

Strategy Development

From the situation analysis, identifying where to play, how to win, how to execute, with what resources and systems, I deploy a thorough process to strengthen brands and successfully lead commercialization efforts. I include innovative methodologies (e.g., Blue Ocean Strategy) to explore all options of creating value innovation.

Go-to-market Process

After launching several medicines and vaccines, I developed a tested, evidence-driven approach to go-to-market strategies. It includes an analysis of all critical stakeholder groups and developing a tactical plan for each target audience.


After leading high-performing medical affairs, market access, marketing, and commercial teams in big, mid-size, and small companies, I know how to organize them for the best performance.

Global Experience

my experience includes the US, EMEA, and other regions, both developed and developing markets.

Therapy Areas

Neuroscience, anti-infectives and vaccines, ophthalmology, urology, transfusion medicine, oncology, and regenerative medicine. Specialty and hospital products.

My Approach to Launching Innovative Products